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Donald Glut’s next convention appearance will be at the LA COMICON, Oct. 11-13.   He will have a table in “Artists’ Alley.” 

TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN will have special screening at 7:00 PM on Saturday, November 30, at LOSCON 46, Marriott Los Angeles  Airport Hotel. The screening will be followed by a Q & A with Donald F. Glut and  other persons involved in the making of the movie. For more information, see







It’s official!    Our”coffin table”  TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN COLLECTOR’S PHOTO-BOOK is now available  for purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online outlets.  200 pages, over 350 color photos, measuring 8.5 x 11 inches. 


Don Glut recently did an hour-long interview with Something Ghoulish.  Among other things, he discusses  TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN.  

Yes, we’re over half-way through 2019 — but these six TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN and DANCES WITH WEREWOLVES calendars (manufactured by Cafe Press) will be collector’s items forever, each one loaded with full-page color photos — including scenes from the movies, behind the scenes and even a world premiere. For ordering information, see the “Store” at

Good news! Starting in October, 2019, TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN can also be viewed at Fandango Now.     




Available now from Amazon!






Many thanks to founder David Colton, sculptor Kerry Gammill and everyone who voted for “TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN”! You are all very much appreciated!









   See  issue (# 112) of Scary Monsters magazine for a recent interview with Don Glut conducted by Larry Underwood (TV “horror host” Dr. Gangrene).









Editor/writer Dario Lavia just sent us from Spain these two new publications! Both of them include text about and photos from TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN.  The second publication Cineficcion also features a lengthy interview (in Spanish) with Don Glut about the movie and his involvement with other things “Frankensteinian.”

TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN has been nominated for a “Rondo” award by the Classic Horror Film Board in the Best Independent Film category. To vote on this, go to:








Many of you have asked for this and it’s NOW ON SALE: The movie poster — measuring 3′ x 2′ — for TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN (in photo with TOF star Lilian Lev)Order yours today! This is an exclusive offer from Pulp 2.0 and Pecosborn Productions! Shipped rolled in a tube. Details at the link.  Order directly at:

Now that we are way into 2019, the prices of our seven TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN and DANCES WITH WEREWOLVES collectors calendars have been dramatically reduced (photo with TOF star Tatiana DeKhytar). Check out our website’s  “store” for ordering information.









COMING SOON ON CD: William Stromberg’s fantastic soundtrack for TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN!

TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN and DANCES WITH WEREWOLVES are available on both VOD  (iTunes, Amazon and Google Play) and DVD! The DVD, with many cool bonus features, can be purchased on-line at: ttps://…/32965047………/810162031206…