PECOSBORN PRODUCTIONS was founded in 2014 by executive producer Donald F. Glut (see IMDb,  Facebook and Wikipedia), which went promptly into pre-production that year with the company’s first film project DANCES WITH WEREWOLVES.

Don Glut is well known to fans of horror, science fiction and fantasy films, TV shows, animation, prose literature and comic books. He has authored approximately 80 published books (including national Number One Best Seller THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, a novel based on the second “Star Wars” movie). short stories, comic books (e.g., CAPTAIN AMERICA, TARZAN, VAMPIRELLA, KULL THE DESTROYER, WHAT IF?, HOUSE OF MYSTERY, THE INVADERS, TWILIGHT ZONE, BORIS KARLOFF’S TALES OF MYSTERY,  BUGS BUNNY, THE LITTLE MONSTERS and many others, most recently THE CREEPS, creator of THE OCCULT FILES OF DR. SPEKTOR, DAGAR THE INVINCIBLE and TRAGG AND THE SKY GODS), live-action and animation TV-show episodes (SHAZAM!, LAND OF THE LOST, TRANSFORMERS, SPIDER-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS, DUCK TALES, ROBO-COP. G.I. JOE, CHALLENGE OF THE GOBOTS,  and many more), music, articles, etc. He is also an actor, photographer and musician. Don has appeared in movies and on TV; and during the late 1960s. was a member of the Penny Arkade, a rock band produced by “Monkee” Michael Nesmith.

Before founding Pecosborn Productions, Don Glut via his co-owned company Frontline Entertainment, Inc., wrote and directed six feature-length films and several documentaries.

He named his company Pecosborn because that’s where he was born — in Pecos, a small town in Texas. As a little kid living in Chicago, he bragged to his fellow playmates that he was a “real cowboy” because he came from Texas, calling himself the Pecos Kid.

Don started making films (albeit, amateur ones) at the age of nine. The last of these 41 16 mm horror, sci-fi and fantasy “home movies” — most of them about “classic” and “teenage monsters,” dinosaurs and superheroes — was made in 1969, two years after Don graduated from the University of Southern California’s College of Letters, Arts and Sciences with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema.


He loves movies and making them, especially those featuring such classic horror icons as werewolves, living mummies, vampires and
Frankenstein’s Monster.

Don is also West Coast Representative of Las Vegas Talent Agency.















Welcome to the following talented people who are now handling some of Pecosborn Productions’ ancillary functions and providing other special services:


Brian — who assembled our TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN 2019 CALENDAR” and is in charge of most merchandising not handled by our own stores (and who keeps coming up with new and exciting product ideas) — was originally hired by Paramount Studios while still a marketing major in the Business School at the University of Southern California. He continued with Paramount in both their feature Film and Television divisions working in Promotion and Publicity and then in Licensing and Merchandising and Publishing for film and television products worldwide.

In addition to his ongoing relationship with Paramount pictures, and for more than 35 years in the field of Entertainment Marketing and publishing (see M3 Publshers), Brian has worked for studios and production companies including Universal; MGM, Columbia: Warner Brothers; Disney; Alliance and the Broadcasting Companies, ABC,  NBC, CBS and the BBC. (See also MoreThan the News Productions.)





It’s hard to pigeonhole Tad Atkinson with a single title. He basically a “Jack of all trades,” who knows how to do a lot of things and do them well. On the TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN sets he efficiently performed myriad tasks. Off set, he carried out such diverse duties as setting up the movie’s IMDb listing and Pecosborn Products, finding a suitable printer for the TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN 2019 CALENDAR,” supported the film at conventions and other events and, well, that’s just some of the ways he has contributed to Pecosborn. (That’s Tad on the left at a comic book convention with Ann Robinson and Bill Blair, actors in TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN, as did the disembodied arm and skull.)

Tad made his stage debut in 1971 under the direction of Broadway and Hollywood director Joshua Logan. In addition to performing, he attained a Bachelor’s in Astrophysics, Business Administration, and English from Taylor University in 1989, a Master of Arts in English with a Linguistics minor from Ball State University in 1993, and completed all the coursework towards a PhD in British Literature. While pursuing his education, he broadened his stage experience into directing and producing. In 2004 he made the transition to film and television work when he moved to Los Angeles, where he continues to act and produce.

Oh yes, he also has an acting part — that of Herr Hussman, a morgue attendant in 1887 Bavaria — in TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN




Bill publishes Pecosborn Productions’ books, like TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN: THE BOOK OF THE MOVIE and the TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN GRAPHIC NOVEL (see our stores) through his company Pulp 2.o Press (see also Firebrain, Inc.). He has also published my 2-volume NEW ADVENTURES OF FRANKENSTEIN set of books, one of which includes all the original TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN short stories.

He has Bachelor degrees in film and history, held a Top Secret security clearance in the United States Air Force F-117A Stealth Fighter Program and is a published author whose work includes the critically acclaimed TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN anthology series,  translated into several languages. In addition to his heading Pulp 2.0, Cunningham continues to consult with independent producers and companies, developing their marketing and production strategies.

Pulp 2.0 Press was founded by Bill Cunningham, whose job title ‘Mad Pulp Bastard’ encompasses a myriad of duties: acquisition, development, marketing, licensing and publishing of books, ebooks and merchandise. He was Director of Marketing for York Entertainment and created marketing campaigns for over 75 genre films worldwide generating massive revenue in the international marketplace. He has co-wrotet and produced the very successful independent movie SCARECROW and its sequel SCARECROW SLAYER and produced the Omega Entertainment motion picture .COM FOR MURDER.  As a freelancer he has written the Variety DVD Exclusive Awards Show, The Video Hall of Fame Awards, and has designed marketing campaigns companies such as Artist View Entertainment,  Peace Arch / EOne, and several independent producers. Cunningham has also produced video, social media, and website  content for companies in the automotive and non-profit sectors.