PECOSBORN PRODUCTIONS was founded in 2014 by executive producer Donald F. Glut (see IMDb,  Facebook and Wikipedia), which went promptly into pre-production that year with the company’s first film project DANCES WITH WEREWOLVES.

Don Glut is well known to fans of horror, science fiction and fantasy films, TV shows, animation, prose literature and comic books. He has authored approximately 80 published books (including national Number One Best Seller THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, a novel based on the second “Star Wars” movie). short stories, comic books (e.g., CAPTAIN AMERICA, TARZAN, VAMPIRELLA, KULL THE DESTROYER, WHAT IF?, HOUSE OF MYSTERY, THE INVADERS, TWILIGHT ZONE, BORIS KARLOFF’S TALES OF MYSTERY,  BUGS BUNNY, THE LITTLE MONSTERS and many others, most recently THE CREEPS, creator of THE OCCULT FILES OF DR. SPEKTOR, DAGAR THE INVINCIBLE and TRAGG AND THE SKY GODS), live-action and animation TV-show episodes (SHAZAM!, LAND OF THE LOST, TRANSFORMERS, SPIDER-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS, DUCK TALES, ROBO-COP. G.I. JOE, CHALLENGE OF THE GOBOTS,  and many more), music, articles, etc. He is also an actor, photographer and musician. Don has appeared in movies and on TV; and during the late 1960s. was a member of the Penny Arkade, a rock band produced by “Monkee” Michael Nesmith.

Before founding Pecosborn Productions, Don Glut via his co-owned company Frontline Entertainment, Inc., wrote and directed six feature-length films and several documentaries.

He named his company Pecosborn because that’s where he was born — in Pecos, a small town in Texas. As a little kid living in Chicago, he bragged to his fellow playmates that he was a “real cowboy” because he came from Texas, calling himself the Pecos Kid.

Don started making films (albeit, amateur ones) at the age of nine. The last of these 41 16 mm horror, sci-fi and fantasy “home movies” — most of them about “classic” and “teenage monsters,” dinosaurs and superheroes — was made in 1969, two years after Don graduated from the University of Southern California’s College of Letters, Arts and Sciences with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema.


He loves movies and making them, especially those featuring such classic horror icons as werewolves, living mummies, vampires and
Frankenstein’s Monster.

Don is also West Coast Representative of Las Vegas Talent Agency.