Writer Larry Underwood (aka TV “horror host” Dr. Gangrene) wants to interview Don Glut for an upcoming issue of the very popular SCARY MONSTERS magazine. Lots of photos from TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN and maybe also the cover. Stay tuned for updates!



DANCES WITH WEREWOLVES — with horror legend Angus Skrimm (the Tall Man in the PHANTASM movie series) in his last screen appearance, can be seen NOW in the USA and Canada on Amazon Prime and iTunes. Watch DANCES WITH WEREWOLVES now on AMAZON PRIME on iTUNES and on  iTUNES CANADA.







Pecosborn has acquired the rights to use the song “Die Monster Die” — written and performed by TV horror host (of the show MONSTER MADHOUSE; SEE FACEBOOK PAGE and WEBSITE) — over the end credits of TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN. His music video may be one of the movie’s DVD bonus features.  WATCH MUSIC VIDEO




Bill Cunningham, publisher (Pulp 2.0 Press), just posted this on Facebook’s “Frankenstein Forever” page: “The inside 2-page spread of the title page for the upcoming TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN: THE BOOK OF THE MOVIE from CINEXPLOITS! , a division of Pulp 2.0 Press. It will feature the screenplay and the original stories by Donald F. Glut. Filled with color pics from the production as well as a background essay on the project.” 



Publisher Bill Cunningham of Pulp 2.0 Press earlier posted this message on Facebook: “Paperwork has been shuffled aside as I work on the design for TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN: The Book of the Movie by Donald F. Glut. I thought I would give you a peek at the opening 5 pages as the book comes together. This work-in-progress is the screenplay, Don’s production notes, and his original stories upon which the screenplay is based. It also features full color images from the movie (some of which I will post later this month).  

“This is the first in a new line books from Pulp 2.0 called CINEXPLOITS! where we publish screenplays, memoirs, and other media from some of your favorite B-movie and exploitation classics.
“The kind of books I wish we had when I went to film school. We have five more books lined up for the series covering horror, scifi, and action movies. We hope you enjoy them.”





A while ago I launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise donations to help pay off mounting bills for post-production tasks with TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN — e.g., editing, music, color corrections, sound design, special visual effects, titles, etc. When I launched that now-defunct campaign, I posted this promo — featuring myself with four of my lovely actresses (photo, below) in the movie — on Youtube, Indiegogo’s website and also on Facebook (WATCH PROMO VIDEO). While our Indiegogo campaign has ended, Pecosborn Productions is still accepting contributions, for which all of the original “perks” will be honored. These perks include a kind of producer credit that may be useful on a resume. Now’s your chance to be a part of a Hollywood movie! If you are interested in helping out with a contribution, however small (or large!), and speeding up completion of this movie, please contact Donald F. Glut via this website or a personal Facebook message. Also, to learn more information regarding the movie, crowdfunding perks and so forth, please check  out… SEE INDIEGOGO PAGE.








Just a few hours after launching this website, Donald F. Glut discussed it on the CBS program DR. DESTRUCTION’S BIG TOP RADIO BROADCAST AFTER MIDNIGHT.  Don is a guest on that show, usually for a full two hours, every week or so. Thanks, hosts Dr. D and Lillith Lovecraft. Here is the first half hour of that show:


Post-production work on TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN  is nearly completed. Donald F. Glut signed off on Tony Malanowski’s editing of three of the film’s four story segments, plus the “frame story” featuring the original Frankenstein Monster (played by Scott Fresina). In the meantime, William Stromberg (music), Maui Holcomb (sound design), Erik Lundmark (color corrections, misc. post-production) and Jeff Forsyth (CGI and other special visual effects) continue working on the edited parts of the film. Great team! The movie will be released this year to capitalize on the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s original FRANKENSTEIN novel.




May 8-19, Pecosborn’s foreign-territories distributor Leomark Studios will be representing TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN and DANCES WITH WEREWOLVES at the Cannes Film Festival (Festival de Cannes; see CANNES WEBSITE)




Sunday, June 3, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Donald F. Glut will be a guest with a table at the San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention, at 11128 Balboa Blvd., Granada Hills, CA. Some actors from TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN may also be in attendance. One of the regular guests is Ann Robinson (star of the original WAR OF THE WORLDS), who plays Elsa, a resident of 1910 Switzerland, in TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN (photo). For more information, SEE FACEBOOK PAGE.