Pecosborn Productions has an on-line store (click on Pecosborn Products) where you can purchase all kinds of items relating to our movies, such as T-shirts, mugs, journals, jigsaw puzzles, mouse pads and other cool collectibles.

More unique TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN items — including a deck of playing cards and a TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN mug can be purchased at Bill Cunningham’s store.



Available later this year, our beautiful, limited-edition, collectors’ “TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN 2019 Calendar”! Pages measure 8.5: x 11″ and each month will have its own equal-sized color still photo from the movie. In addition to the 12 photos (one for each month) and cover,  there are also a back cover and numerous smaller photos for each month’s “blank days,” bringing the total picture count up to almost 60! The calendar should be available well before Halloween. To pay for this item, we’ve launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Qualifying contributors should get the calendar in advance of the official release date (kind of like pre-0rdering it). For information, check out the Indiegogo website

For merchancise sold elsewhere, including items exclusive to this website, see below.



Pulp 2.0 Press will, this year, publish two books tying in with TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN, both authored by the movie’s writer-director-executive producer Donald F. Glut. One, TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN: THE BOOK OF THE MOVIE, will have a detailed forward by Don, reprints of the four original short stories upon which the film is based, the original shooting script, plus lots of photos. This book will be available later this year from and Pulp 2.0 Press.

The other is a graphic novel, with cover art by Christopher Shy, stories illustrated by well-known comic-book artists Mike Vosburg, Nik Powliko, Brian Postman, Craig Wilson, Russ Rainbolt and Jim Craig (see reproductions of sample pages, most not yet lettered), with cover painting by Christopher Shy and a foreword written by  legendary Jim Steranko.  Available from and Pulp 2.0 Press. For a short time publisher Bill Cunningham will be taking pre-orders for the graphic novel. You can check out his special deal by simply CLICKING HERE.













A 4″ x 6″ colors postcard reproducing the movie’s official poster, signed by Donald F. Glut, inscribed ($5, USA orders postpaid), is now available exclusively from PECOSBORN PRODUCTIONS. Backside is blank for signing or writing. NOTE: Unless otherwise requested, autograph will go on the back of the card. Please specify if you want the autograph personalized.







Pulp 2.0 Press also published Don Glut’s NEW ADVENTURES OF FRANKENSTEIN COLLECTION, VOLUME 2, a huge book that includes the book version of TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN plus five Frankenstein novels. Available from and Pulp 2.0 Press.


The complete story collection TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN was first published in magazine form, with illustrations by Rick “Spine” Mountfort, by Druktenis Publishing, 348 Jocelyn Place, Highwood, IL 60040. Copies are presumably still available for sale. Druktenis also publishes SCARY MONSTERS and other related magazines.




2-sided, full-color, 8.5″ x 11″ TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN  “one sheet” flyer, signed by Donald F. Glut,  ($15, USA orders postpaid), available exclusively from PECOSBORN PROCUCTIONS. Please specify if you want the autograph personalized. Please specify if you want the autograph personalized.








NOTE: Send cash, money orders or personal checks (sorry, no debit or credit cards), made out to Pecosborn Productions LLC, for all orders regarding postcards, fliers and any other items sold exclusively by Pecosborn to attn: D. F. Glut, PECOSBORN PRODUCTIONS, 2805 N. Keystone Street, Burbank, CA 91504-1604 USA. You can also send funds via PayPal, using the email account